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October 10 – November 14, 2009
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Gedi Sibony. Composed of materials that range from the disused to the easily available, Sibony’s sculptures consisting of carpet, cardboard, and found objects stage a series of interventions beginning in the artist’s studio and ending only during the final installation of the complete exhibition. In this manner, his works strive to create a cohesive scene in which the staging of the object within the space determines its ontological unity.

Sibony plays with both the formal and psychological expectations of a gallery exhibition, and in doing so heightens the spatial and plastic intentions embodied in each work.  Each work not only relies upon an economics of availability, (objects are often retreived and reversed unaltered), but furthermore charts the organic process from its creation through its transport and finally its installation. Sibony intervenes during each phase so that the individual sculptures, their grouping, and the structure of the exhibition space all bear the consequences of his holistic approach. The result becomes an almost mystical analysis of the mechanics of aesthetics in which Sibony evacuates such binaries as abstraction and figuration, container and contained in favor of the reified relations of object and space.

Gedi Sibony lives and works in New York. He is represented by Greene Naftali Gallery, New York. He has been the subject of monographic exhibitions at The Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis, Missouri; Kunsthalle St. Gallen, Switzerland; FRAC Champagne-Ardenne, Reims, France; and Midway Contemporary Art, Minneapolis, MN. In addition he has been included in numerous group exhibitions including “Unmonumental” at the New Museum for Contemporary Art, New York ; “Day for Night,” the 2006 Whitney Biennial; and Greater New York 2005, PS1 Contemporary Art Center.