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Kerstin Brätsch

Exhibition Catalogs, Artist Books, and General Publications
Kerstin Brätsch. Unstable Talismanic Rendering_ Homo Sacer (With gratitude to master marbler Dirk Lange), Leopold Hoesch Museum, Duren, Germany, Walther König, 2022
Kerstin Brätsch. Para Psychics, Ludwig Forum, Aachen, Germany, Walther König, 2022
Index: Maurizio Cattelan. Milan: Pirelli, HangarBicocca, 2022.
The Milk of Dreams/ Il Latte Dei Sogni: Bienale Arte 2022. Venice: La Biennale di Venezia, 2022.
Kerstin Brätsch / KAYA, Text by Francesco Stocchi, Fondazione Memmo, Rome, Italy, 2019
KAYA, Marcela Moraga, Christian Naujoks, Rajkamal Kahlon, Villa Romana Fellows 2019
Kerstin Brätsch: 2000 Words, Text by Massimiliano Gioni, DESTE Foundation for Contemporary Art, Greece, 2018
Kerstin Brätsch: BRÄTSCH, Museum Brandhorst, München, Germany 2017
DAS INSTITUT, Serpentine Galleries, Koenig Books, 2016
KAYA, Edited by Kunsthaus Bregenz, Eva Birkenstock, KUB Arena, 2016
Kerstin Brätsch / Adele Röder / DAS INSTITUT. London: Serpentine, 2014.
Brätsch, Kerstin. Unstable Talismanic Rendering. New York: Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, 2014.
Kerstin Brätsch: Unstable Talismanic Rendering Plates, Gio Marconi, 2014
Forever Now: Painting in the New Millennium. New York: The Museum of Modern Art, 2014.
Hypothesis for an Exhibition. New York: Dominique Levy Gallery, 2014.
Speculations on Anonymousmaterials. Kassel: Fridericianum Kassel, 2014.
The system of Objects. Deste Foundation, Nea Ionia, 2014.
Room Service. Baden Baden: Kunsthalle Baden Baden, 2014.
Future Perfect. Berlin: IFA Berlin, 2013.
Kunstpreis de Böttcherstrasse. Bremen: Kunsthalle Bremen, 2013.
Das Institut: Triennial Report 2011-2009. Zürich: JRP|Ringier, 2012.
Ham and Pearls. Brooklyn: Artist Edition for Paper Monument, 2012.
Number Five: Cities of Gold and Mirrors. Dusseldorf: Julia Stoschek Collection; The Painting Factory; Los Angeles: Museum of Contemporary Art, 2012.
Maler, den Pinsel Prüfend. 2012. Essay by Bosko Blagojevic.
Illuminations: 54th International Art Exhibition La Biennale Di Venezia. Venice: Marsilio, 2011.
Vitamin P2, New Perspective in Painting. London: Phaidon Press, 2011.
Ringier Annual Report 2010. Zurich: JRP|Ringier, 2011.
After Images. Brussels: Musee Jiuf de Belgique; New York Sculpture Center, 2011.
Art 41 Basel Catalogue. Ostfildern: Hatje Cantz Publishers, 2010.
Frieze Art Fair Yearbook. London: Thames & Hudson Publishers, 2010.
NDP # 5. New York: North Drive Press, 2010.
The Art of Tomorrow. Distanz Press, 2010.
How Soon Now, Rubell Family Collection. Miami: Rubell Family Collection, 2010.
Gwangju Biennale. Gwangju: The Gwangju Biennale Foundation, 2010.
Art Berlin Contemporary. Berlin: Akademie der Künste, 2009.
Modern Modern. New York: Chelsea Art Museum, 2009.
Younger than Jesus. Phaidon Press/New York: New Museum, 2009.
Josh Smith: Hidden Darts., Vienna: MUMOK Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig; Koln: Walther Konig, 2009.
UOVO. Torino: The Bookmakers Ed., Vol.18, 2008.
Paper Monument Volume 2. New York: Paper Monument Communication LLC, 2008.
Selected Articles and Reviews
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