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Frances Stark

Exhibition Catalogs, Monographs, and General Publications
Stark, Frances. Frances Stark presents The Magic Flute, designed by Chris Svensson. New York: Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, 2018.
Presented in the event of exhibition Teen O.P.E.R.A. (Teen Orchestra plays, everyone read along).
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Selected Projects
Dwayne Moser Curated Library by Frances Stark, Reserve Ames, Los Angeles, CA, 2017.
Commissioned for the cover of Frieze magazine, no. 136, April 2017.
Commissioned for the cover of Flash Art International, no. 304, October 2015.
Commissioned for the cover of Art in America, 2014.
Seven on Seven, 5th Annual Conference, New Museum, NY, 2014.
Dishonest but Appealing, 2013, Edition for Parkett 93, 2013.
Sylvia Sleigh, Tate Liverpool, Liverpool, UK, 2013.
Untitled, print edition created for London Underground, Art of the Underground, London, UK, (unlimited edition of posters, print edition of 150), 2011.
Untitled, print edition created for The Banff Centre, Alberta, Canada, 2011.
Frances Stark Selects from the Grunwald Collection, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, 2010.
Consider the following again: Why should you not be able to assemble yourself and write?, print edition created for Artist Space, New York, 2010.
Conceited girl wants to show she has a seat (After Goya), print edition created for ICA London, UK, Published by Mousse Magazine, 2009.
Untitled, print edition created for Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham, UK, 2007.
The Members of our class…, print portfolio created with Emily Carr Institute Press, 2007.
READ, Edition 1, Emily Carr Institute Press, Print Portfolio (edition of 15), 2007.
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