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David Salle

Selected Exhibition Catalogues and Books
David Salle: Tree of Life (text Sam Lipsyte), Skarstedt, NY 2022
Where Art Might Happen: The Early Years of Calarts, Phillip Kaiser
and Christina Vegh, 2021
David Salle: Paintings 1985-1995 (text Deborah Solomon),
Skarstedt, NY 2018.
Third Space/shifting conversations about contemporary art,
Birmingham Museum of Art, 2017 p 37.
Jasper Johns: Pictures within Pictures 1980-2015, Thames &
Hudson, 2017.
Painter’s Painters, Saatchi Gallery, 2016.
David Salle: Inspired by True-Life Events, Centro de Arte
Contemporáneo de Málaga, 2016.
Unfinished Business: Paintings from the 1970s and 1980s by Ross
Bleckner, Eric Fischl and David Salle, Parrish Art Museum, 2016.
Ceramics Now, Jane Hartsook Gallery at Greenwich House Pottery,
Good Dreams, Bad Dreams: American Mythologies, Aishti
Foundation, 2016, pp 362-369.
David Salle: DEBRIS, Dallas Contemporary, 2016.
Ceramics Now, Jane Hartsook Gallery at Greenwich House Pottery,
I Like America, Sindelfingen: The Schaufler Foundation.
Della Monica, Lauren P. Bodies of Work: Contemporary Figurative
Painting, Schiffer Publishing, Pennslyvania, 2015.
The Collection of the Emanuel Hoffman Foundation, Basel:
David Salle: Late Product Paintings, The Silver Paintings (in
conversation with Bill Powers) New York: Skarstedt Gallery.
Workshop: The Kenneth Tyler Collection, National Gallery of
Australia, 2015.
Inaesthetics: Volume 4- Philosophy! (co-edited by Wilfried Dickhoff
and Marcus Steinweg) Merve Verlag Berlin in association with Neuer
Berliner Kunstverein, pp 178-194
Urban Theater: New York Art in the 1980’s (with an introduction by
Michael Auping, essays by Andrea Karnes and Alison Hearst) Fort
Worth: The Modern.
David Salle (essay by Vincent Katz) Seoul, Korea; Leeahn Gallery.
David Salle / Francis Picaba (essay by Catherine Millet) Paris;
Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac.
David Salle: Ghost Paintings (essay by Janine Mileaf & conversation
with Hal Foster) Chicago; The Arts Club of Chicago.
This Will Have Been: Art, Love & Politics in the 1980s. (edited by
Helen Molesworth. Essays by Johanna Burton, Bill Harrigan,
Elisabeth Lebovici, Kobena Mercer, Helen Molesworth, Sarah
Schulman, Frazer Ward) Chicago: Museum of Contemporary Art.
New Haven: Yale University Press.
Salle, David. “David Salle on Andre Derain.” In My View. Ed. Simon
Grant. London; Thames & Hudson Ltd, pp 142-143.
Salle, David. “Alex Katz interviewed by David Salle” Alex Katz.
Klosterneuburg, Austria; Essl Museum, pp 22-32.
David Salle: New Paintings (essay by John Haskell) New York:
Mary Boone Gallery.
Under the Big Black Sun: California Art, 1974-1981 (co-edited by
Lisa Gabrielle Mark and Paul Schimmel. Essays by Frances Colpitt,
Thomas Crow, Charles Desmarais, Peter Frank, Leta Ming, Paul
Schimmel, Rebecca Solnit, and Kristine Stiles) Los Angeles:
Museum of Contemporary Art.
David Salle: Some Pictures from the 80’s. (essay by Klauss Kertess)
New York: Mary Boone Gallery.
Your History is Not Our History: Organized by David Salle and
Richard Phillips.
New York: Haunch of Venison.
David Salle: Distance from Nowhere. (edited by Veit Görner, FrankThorston Moll. Essays by Veit Görner, Rainer Crone and Alexandra
Von Stosch, Karen Lang, Isabella Goebel, Frank-Thorston Moll)
Hannover: Kestnergesellschaft.
David Salle: Paintings and Drawings (essay by Alan Jones edited by
Raymond Foye) Trento: Studio D'Arte Raffaelli.
David Salle, Galleria Cardi, GMB Milano.
1,2,3,4 David Salle. Aspen: Baldwin Gallery.
Talking Art: Interviews with Artists Since 1976 (edited by Patricia
Bicker and Andrew Wilson), London: Art Monthly.
Damien Hirst, David Salle, Jenny Saville: The Bilotti Chapel. (essay
by Demetrio Paparoni) Rome: The Bilotti Chapel.
David Salle: The Vortex Paintings. New York: Mary Boone Gallery
and Deitch Projects. Essay by Jeffrey Deitch.
David Salle: Paris Opera Paintings (Essay by Philippe Dagen), Paris:
GalerieThaddaeus Ropac.
David Salle: Split Worlds the Montage Principle (essay by Philippe
Dagen, translated by Petrus Schaesberg, essay by Sarah French),
Moscow: Stella Contemporary Art.
Digital Elements 2004, (produced, edited, and designed by Ralph
Gibson), Germany: The Olympus Foundation.
Coen, Vittoria, Pictura Magistra Vitae, I nuovi simboli della pittura
contemporanea (The new symbols of contemporary painting),
Bologne: Fondazione Cassa Di Risparmio.
David Salle: New Paintings (essays by Achille Bonito Oliva and
Richard Milazzo) Milan, Emilio Mazzoli.
David Salle (essay by Robert Rosenblum) London: Waddington
Kramer, Douglas, Reverie: Works from the Collection of Douglas S.
Cramer, Louisville: The Speed.
de Pury, Simon, Ahead of the 21st Century the Pisces Collection
Germany: Hatje Cantz Publishers.
Some Assembly Required: Collage Culture in Post-War America.
Syracuse: Everson Museum of Art.
David Salle: Immediate Experience (edited by Sarah French, essay by
Wayne Koestenbaum) Milan: Gabrius S.P.A.
The New York School and Beyond: Selections from the Whitney
Museum of American Art, (Essay by Maxwell L. Anderson), New
York: Whitney Museum of American Art. Art Museum.
Pearlman, Alison, Unpackaging the Art of the 1980s, Chicago: The
University of Chicago Press.
David Salle: Pastoral (Text by Ronald Jones) New York: Gagosian
David Salle: Ice Flow (Text by Robert Hullot-Kentor) Cologne:
Jablonka Galerie.
Mythic Proportions: Painting in the 1980’s, (essay by Bonnie
Clearwater) North Miami: Museum of Contemporary Art.
L’enigma ritrovato (essays by Luca Beatrice and Matthew Gale)
Torino: Galleria In Arco.
Zelevansky, Lynn and Barron, Stephanie Jasper Johns to Jeff Koons:
Four Decades of Art from the Broad Collections (essays by Thomas
Crow, Sabine Eckmann, Joanne Heyler, and Pee Karmel) Los
Angeles: Museum Associates.
David Salle: Retrospective (Texts by Xavier López de Arriaga,
Walter Hopps, Molly Nesbit), Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de
Monterrey, A.C.
David Salle: Dreams on Paper (Text by Luca Beatrice) Torino:
Galleria In Arco.
Art at Work: Forty Years of The Chase Manhatten Collection (Text
by William B. Harrison, Emily Russell, Robert Rosenblum, and
Manuel E, González) New York: Chase Manhattan
David Salle: Retrospective (Texts by Rudi Fuchs and Dorine Mignot,
Frederic Tuten)Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Ludion Group,
additional printings in German, Spanish, Italian. Mulder, Arjen.
"Images That Come from Outside", David Salle, Ghent/Amsterdam:
Als, Hilton "Darkness Made Visible", David Salle: Bears/Interiors,
New York: Gagosian Gallery.
Nesbit, Molly, "Dark Glasses", David Salle: Glass and Mirror
Paintings, New York: Lehmann Maupin Gallery.
David Salle/ Juan Uslé: La mirada del artista- Fotografías. (Text by
Rosa Olivares) Madrid: Galeria Soledad Lorenzo.
Phillips, Lisa, The American Century: Art & Culture, 1950-2000 Part
2. New York: Whitney Museum of American Art.
Suzanne, Farver, 20 Years/20 Artists. Aspen, Colorado: Aspen Art
Tuten, Frederic, "At the Edges, An Interview", David Salle
Retrospective, Ghent/Amsterdam: Ludion.
David Salle, Essay by Akira Tatehata, translation by Mari Saegusa,
Tokyo: Itochu Gallery.
David Salle: The Burning Bush, Text by Maria De Corral, "The 80's,"
Lisbon: Culturgest, May 12-August 31.
David Salle, Text by Sergio Risaliti "Bandiere di Maggio", Napoli:
Piazza Del Plebiscito.
David Salle: Maple Leaves, Text by Massimo Audiello, Milan:
Galleria Gian Ferrari.
David Salle, Charta, Milan.
The Leo Book: ICI salutes Leo Castelli. In honor of his 90th Birday
and the 40th Anniversary of the Castelli Gallery Pg. 57, New York
David Salle, Essay by Rosa Olivares, translation by Francisco Javier
Torre Ribelles, Madrid: Galeria Soledad Lorenzo.
David Salle: Malerie Ein Kunstwissenschaftlicher Meta-Ansatz, by
Rudiger Kogel, Jahn & Ernst Verlag, Hamburg.
David Salle: Aspects of Collage, Essay by Christina Mossaides
Strassfield, Easthampton: Guild Hall Museum.
Early Product Paintings, Text by Diego Cortez, New York: Gagosian
David Salle, David Whitney, editor, text by Lisa Liebmann, Rizzoli
International Publications, New York.
David Salle: Drawings. Text by R.H. Fuchs, New York: Gagosian
David Salle, Essay by Kevin Power, translation by Javier Torre,
Madrid: Galeria Soledad Lorenzo.
David Salle: American Social Dance, Zurich: Galerie Bruno
David Salle: Photographs, Essay by Henry Geldzahler, edited &
designed by John Cheim, New York: Robert Miller Gallery.
David Salle, by Frederique Lucien, Paris: Galerie Nationale De Jeu
David Salle, by George W.S. Trow, New York: Gagosian Gallery.
Emanuel Hoffman-Stiftung Basel, by Wiese Verlag, pp. 349.
David Salle, Boston: Mario Diacono Gallery.
David Salle: Canfield Hatfield 1989-1990, A Series of Nine Etchings
and Aquatints, London: Waddington Graphics.
Cameron, Dan. "Sheer Artiface, A Catalogue Text on David Salle”,
David Salle, London: Waddington Galleries.
Power, Kevin. "David Salle: Seeing it My Way", David Salle,
Madrid: Ausstelung Fundación Caja de Pensiones.
Dickhoff, Wilfried. "On Stage", David Salle, Cologne: Michael
Schjeldahl, Peter. Karole Armitage and David Salle: 3 Years of the
Ballet Stage, Kyoto: Shoin International Co. Ltd.
Schulz, Carla Hoffman. "David Salle: The Triumph of Artificiality,
the Shock of the Commonplace, David Salle, Madrid: Fundacion
Caja de Pensiones.
Clearwater, Bonnie. “Mythic Proportions: Painting in The 1980s”,
David Salle, North Miami: Museum of Contemporary Art.
1979-1989 American, Italian, Mexican art: from the Collection of
Francesco Pellizzi, Hofstra Museum, Hofstra University. Essays by
Pamela Gettinger, Franceso Pellizzi, pg. 15, 43.
Tuten, Frederic."David Salle on Native Grounds", David Salle:
Recent Paintings, New York: Mary Boone and Michael Werner.
Itoh, Junhi. "Visible and Invisible Things", David Salle, Tokyo:
Wacoal Art Center.
Schjeldahl, Peter. "An Interview with David Salle", Salle, New York:
Elizabeth Avedon/Editions/Vintage Contemporary Artists.
Thomson, Richard."David Salle: The First Artist of our Fin-deSiecle", David Salle. Edinburgh: Fruitmarket Gallery.
David Salle: The Birth of a Poet, Rossini Opera Festival: Galleria di
Franca Mancini.
Cameron, Dan “Salle Akademie”, David Salle, Kunstforum
International, Galerie Michael Werner.
Busche, Ernst A. David Salle: Works on Paper 1974-1986,
Dortmund: Museum Am Ostwall Dortmund.
Cooper, Dennis. "To David Salle", David Salle, Zurich: Galerie
Bruno Bischoberger. Crone, Rainer."Impositions on Meaning: The
Difference in Painting, New York City, October, 1984", (translation
by Michael Lipson), David Salle, Zurich: Galerie Bruno
Diacono, Mario. David Salle, Boston: Mario Diacono Gallery.
Kardon, Janet. "The Old, the New, and the Different", David Salle,
Philadelphia: Institute of Contemporary Art.
Phillips, Lisa. "His Equivocal Touch in the Vicinity of History",
David Salle, Philadelphia: Institute of Contemporary Art.
Rosenblum, Robert."Notes on David Salle", David Salle, Zurich:
Galerie Bruno Bischofberger.
Hawkes, John. "An Offering to David Salle", David Salle, New York:
Mary Boone and Michael Werner.
Schjedahl, Peter "David Salle", David Salle: Sieben Bilder, Cologne:
Michael Werner.
Diacono, Mario. "David Salle: Imagine Totale", David Salle, Rome:
Mario Diacono.
Beeren, W.A.L."David Salle, My View", David Salle: Paintings,
Rotterdam: Museum Boymans-van Beuningen.
Kruger, Michael. "Inscribings for myself and for David Salle." David
Salle Neue Bilderund Aquarelle,Hamburg: Ascan Crone.
Ratcliff, Carter. "David Salle and the New York School", David
Salle: Paintings, Rotterdam: Museum Boymans-van Beuningen.
Rein, Ingrid. " A real sexy work", David Salle, Francis Picabia,
Munich: Verlag Schellmann & Kluser.
David Salle, Tokyo: Akira Ikeda Gallery.
Diacono, Mario "Man with a Camera", David Salle, Rome: Mario
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