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Andrew Lord

Exhibition Catalogues, Monographs, and General Publications
Vitamin C: Clay + Ceramic. New York: Phaidon, 2017.
Rondinone, Ugo. Artists and Poets, Wien: Seccession, 2015.
The Spirit Level. New York: Gladstone Gallery, 2012.
Andrew Lord, published by Milton Keynes Gallery in collaboration with Santa Monica Museum of Art. Includes text by Dawn Ades and an interview with James Rondeau.
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Richer, Francesca and Matthew Rosenzweig, ed. No 1: First Works by 362 Artists. New York: DAP, 2006.
Gund, Agnes/ Kraynak, Janet, Andrew Lord. New York: Paul Kasmin Gallery.
Ravesteijn, Adriaan van / Pelsers, Lisette. Andrew Lord. Rijksmuseum Twenthe, Enschede.
Harkavy, Donna. Head to Toe/Impressing the Body. Ahmerst: University of Massachusetts, 1999.
Saltz, Jerry, Andrew Lord’s Human Touch. Kansas: Johnson Community College Gallery of Art, Overland Park.
Varnedoe, Kirk. Ed. Jasper Johns: Writings, Sketchbook Notes, Interview. New York: Museum of Modern Art.
Image, Plate Vessel: Andrew Lord, Ken Price, Betty Woodman. New York: Franklin Parrasch Gallery, 1997.
From Figure to Object: A Century of Sculptors’ Drawings, London: Karsten Schubert/Frith Street Gallery.
Shone, Richard / Finn, Maureen, Andrew Lord: New Sculpture. London: Camden Arts Centre.
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Twenty-five years: an exhibition of selected works, Los Angeles: Margo Leavin Gallery, 48, 57, 67-68.
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Poodt, Jos. Painted Clay, Oostende: Museum voor Moderne Kunst, 26 -27.
Knight, Christopher. Andrew Lord: New Work. New York: BlumHelman.
Smith, Roberta. Andrew Lord's Reformed Objects. Los Angeles: Margo Leavin Gallery.
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