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Pry by Engelhardt/Seef/Davis
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This the follow-up to Kai Althoff's 1996 LP as Engelhardt/Seef/Davis coop. is his latest utterance as a musician. Recorded in 2022-23 and limited to 225 copies, it goes somewhat like this :

"Pry, played out of speakers buried beneath an inch of earth, a scratching, elegiac prayer for an ethereal dancehall. Its drums wheeze and chug, frantic in moments and determinedly cold and mechanical in others. Its sound, squeezed through a cavity almost too narrow to contain its contents, is sparsely accompanied by an enraptured voice who habitually falls out of language, though with no seeming effect on its concentration or intention.

But then there’s a drop off (first mistaken for a breakdown), stranding you in a different concert than you thought you had been in moments before.

The newfound sparseness stings and rattles in its intensity. While the vanished sounds reverberate deeper in the soil, the green, mournful hymn strokes you into a more settled, but still shaken state."

Helena Morell

released July 10, 2023