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Instagram Takeover: Damián Ortega

A man who was deeply loved died in Tepoztlán those days, people were celebrating his funeral. 

Are we nature? 

A few years ago someone gifted me with a book about Nathaniel Dorsky called Devotional Cinema. His way of blending images together and editing is extraordinary and applicable to many fields beyond cinema. I also think of Eisenstein's "viva México". Images evoke feelings. 

The sensation of danger has put everyone on edge, defensive. I feel it too. Plants and even water can make me paranoid. This coffee plant is dealing with its own plague and has developed beautiful yellow dots. 

I wanted to show this domestic space, in the middle of this disruption of our everyday life. The external space has become something foreign and hostile, so all we have in our internal reality, a space of safety and protection set between very specific limits, anything outside deconstructed, broken in pieces. Some sculptures by my friend Dr Lakra.

This exercise in video was made by putting together some photos and material that I've gathered in the first weeks of isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic. I've been in Tepoztlán with my family, looking for ways to keep my two restless daughters busy.