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Instagram Takeover: Amy Sillman

hi everyone! all i have is a table now— can’t get to studio anymore. Hope you’re doing ok and thank you to all medical staff and workers!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ love for BG and gallery. day one chronicle..... - Amy Sillman @amyandomar

hi everyone, my day 2 chronicle is plucked from a text by Bertolt Brecht (written in the 30’s, not published til the 60’s.) It’s about the importance of failure and struggle in art, and a confrontation with bad new days. I hope you’re holding up. love, amy

 hi all, for my 3rd and final day of taking over here, I thought I’d just post a few new works on giant pieces of paper— (a random few from this year’s huge piles of drawings.) I think drawing becomes more important during a crisis because it’s something portable, immediate, direct and intimate. I hope you can all keep up your strength to weather the next while—gonna be hard. ❤️❤️ to the heroic medical workers and others keeping nyc alive. ❤️ and thoughts to people in trouble. ❤️❤️ amy

hey I’m throwing in a last little thing I made for you for my 3-day stint here! #quarantinemood Take care! xx ♥️Amy