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Makers and Modelers: Works in Ceramic
September 8 – October 13, 2007
515 West 24th Street

Gladstone Gallery is pleased to announce a group exhibition of contemporary artists working with ceramic. While master potters and ceramicists have long explored the medium, a number of artists now incorporate the material into a larger practice, often in surprising and increasingly inventive ways. Drawn from sculptors, painters, and other practitioners, the international roster includes both established and emerging artists, those who have long worked in ceramic, and those coming to the medium afresh.

Kai Althoff

Anne Chu

Sam Durant

Urs Fischer

Peter Fischli/ David Weiss

Richard Hawkins

Mary Heilmann

Matt Johnson

Anish Kapoor

Mike Kelley

Klara Kristalova

Liz Larner

Andrew Lord

Sarah Lucas

Victor Man

Jonathan Meese

Marisa Merz

William J. O’Brien

Manfred Pernice

Alessandro Pessoli

Elizabeth Peyton

Ken Price

Thomas Schütte

Ricky Swallow

Gert and Uwe Tobias

Rosemarie Trockel

Rebecca Warren

Paloma Varga Weisz

Andro Wekua

The works in “Makers and Modelers” represent a variety of styles, textures, scales, and approaches to ceramic, some departing from the artist’s previous work, while others strive to promote a sense of continuity with other media. As the title of the exhibition suggests, the works in the show are either hand-built or constructed, stem from unexpected source materials, and expand upon sensibilities normally associated with other media. Sometimes paired with other substances, the works in the show emphasize process and question the relationships between objecthood and material. No longer just the vessels and other earthenware historically associated with the medium, the works in the exhibition play off or depart from established formal and technical precedents of ceramics. A fully illustrated catalogue with an essay by Klaus Kertess will accompany the exhibition.