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Special K
November 16, 2023 – January 13, 2024
One night, a thought came to us like an unwelcome visitor.

“I think I’ve lost something.”

“You too?”

“Yeah. But I don’t know what I lost.”

“Actually, so do I.”

This little thought spread like a plague among us over the course of a short night. It was like a phantom pain, where you feel the pain of an organ that doesn’t exist.

We ran out onto the street to find what we had lost, but we couldn’t find anything. Not between buildings where the moonlight melts like sugar, not in the dark and dingy alleyways, not on the trees alongside the streets that gnarled like an old man’s grasping hands. All things shining were already stuffed inside the show window.

“It’s obvious we’ve lost something. Maybe it’s something we never had in the first place.”

Written by Jeon Jakka
Game, web novel, webtoon, animation story writer

Inspired by David Rappeneau