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Richard Prince

Selected Group and Solo Catalogues
Richard Prince: The Entertainers: 1982-1983. Fulton Ryder, 2023.
Making Strange: The Chara Schreyer Collection. New York: DelMonico Books, D.A.P., 2022.
Richard Prince: Hoods: 1988-2013. New York: Fulton Ryder, 2022.
Richard Prince: Gangs. New York: Gladstone Gallery, 2021.
Richard Prince: Blasting Mats. New York: Gladstone Gallery/Trifold, 2021.
Richard Prince: Family Tweets. New York: Fulton Ryder, 2021.
Rubin, Robert M., Richard Prince. Richard Prince: Cowboy. Munich: Prestel, 2020.
Richard Prince: Ripple Paintings. New York: Gladstone Gallery/ Trifold, 2019.
Richard Prince: High Times. New York: Gagosian, 2018.
Richard Prince, Cindy Sherman. Buenos Aires: Malba Tienda, 2018.
Richard Prince: Free Love. London: Sadie Coles HQ/Koenig Books, 2018.
Richard Prince: Super Group. Berlin: Galerie Max Hetzler/Holzwarth Publications, 2017.
Unpacking The Marciano Collection. New York, London, Munich: Prestel, 2017.
Ryder, Fulton. 90 Jokes. New York: Karma, 2017.
Prince, Richard. 136 Nurses. New York: Karma, 2017.
Giono, Massimiliano. Good Dreams, Bad Dreams: American Mythologies. Milan: Skira, 2017.
Richard Prince: New Cowboys. New York: Karma, 2017.
Prince, Richard. Richard Prince: New Portraits. Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo: Blum & Poe, 2016.
The Sun Placed in the Abyss. Columbus: The Columbus Museum of Art, 2016.
Campbell, David, Mark Durden. Double Act: Art and Comedy. Liverpool: Bluecoat, 2016.
Wall to Wall: Carpets by Artists. Cleveland: MOCA, 2016.
Cowboy. New York: Karma/Gladstone Gallery, 2016.
Prince, Richard and Roe Ethridge. Special Guest. New York: Karma, 2015.
Richard Prince: Fashion 1982 – 84. New York: Nahmad Contemporary, 2015.
Richard Prince: The Figures. New York: Luxembourg & Dayan, 2015.
Prince, Richard. Cowboy. New York: Karma/Gladstone Gallery, 2015
Prince, Richard and Cindy Sherman. Robert Longo: Men in the Cities. Munich: Schirmer Mosel, 2015.
Prince, Richard, Glenn O’Brien and Bill Powers. Richard Prince: Monochromatic Jokes. New York: Nahmad Contemporary, 2014.
Prince, Richard. Richard Prince: It’s A Free Concert. Bregenz: Kunsthaus Bregenz, 2014.
Prince, Richard. Richard Prince: Protest Paintings. New York: Skarstedt, 2014.
Prince, Richard. Richard Prince. untitled (band), 2013. Milan: a+mbookstore edizioni, 2014.
Prince, Richard and James Frey. Richard Prince: Cowboys. Beverly Hills: Gagosian Gallery, 2013.
McKenna, Kristine and Jonathan Lethem. Richard Prince: Collected Writings. Santa Monica: Foggy Notion Books, 2013.
Prince, Richard, and José Lebrero Stals. Prince/Picasso. Málaga: Museo Picasso Málaga, 2012.
Prince, Richard, Robert M. Rubin, Rose Dergan. Richard Prince: American Prayer.
New York: Gagosian Gallery, 2011.
Prince, Richard, and Andisheh Avini. Richard Prince: de Kooning. Paris: Gagosian Gallery, 2011.
McWhinnie, John. Richard Prince – The Fug. Brussels: Almine Rech Gallery, 2011.
Prince, Richard, Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn, Fabienne Stephan. Richard Prince: T- Shirt Paintings: Hippie Punk. New York: Salon 94, 2010.
Prince, Richard, John McWhinnie. Richard Prince: Tiffany paintings. New York: Gagosian Gallery, 2010.
Valerie Duponchelle. Richard Prince. New York: Gagosian Gallery, 2009.
Berman, Wallace, Richard Prince, Kristine McKenna. She: Works by Wallace Berman & Richard Prince. Los Angeles: Michael Kohn Gallery, 2009.
Frey, James. Canal Zone. New York: Gagosian Gallery, 2008.
for what you are about to receive. New York: Gagosian Gallery, 2008.
Prince, Richard, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Julia Peyton Jones. Richard Prince: America Goes to War…Swimming in the Afternoon… London: Serpentine Gallery, 2008.
Spector, Nancy, Glenn O’Brien, Jack Bankowsky, and Richard Prince. Richard Prince. New York: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, 2007.
Kvaran, Gunnar B. Richard Prince: Canaries in the Coal Mine. Oslo: Astrup Fearnely Museum of Modern Art, 2007.
Prince, Richard. Jokes and Cartoons. New York: JRP/Ringier, 2006.
Prince, Richard, Lorraine Wild. Hippie Drawings. London: Hatje Cantz, 2005.
McWhinnie, John, Bruce Wagner. Richard Prince: Check Paintings. New York: Gagosian Gallery, 2005.
Schumacher, Rainald, Ralph Rugoff, et al. Richard Prince. Munich: Sammlung Goetz, 2005.
American Dream, Collecting Richard Prince for 27 Years. Miami: Rubell Family Collection, 2004.
Prince, Richard. Man. Zurich: Jrp/Ringier, Galerie Eva Presenhuber, 2004.
Barr, Jr. Alfred H. What’s Modern? New York: Gagosian Gallery, 2004.
Grigoteit, Dr. Ariane and Friedhelm Hütte. Man in the Middle. Frankfurt: Deutsche Bank Art, 2004.
Brooks, Adam. Subjective Realities. New York City: The Refco Group, 2004.
Blazwic, Iwona, Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, Ester Coen, Charles Harrison, Jill Lloyd and Jeff Wall. Faces in the Crowd – Picturing Modern Life from Manet to Today. London: Whitechapel Gallery, 2004.
Prince, Richard and Shaun Caley Regen. Women. Los Angeles: Regen Projects; Berlin: Hatje Cantz Publishers, 2004.
Shaffner, Ingrid, Bennett Simpson and Claudia Gould. The Big Nothing. Philadelphia: Institute of Contemporary Art, 2004.
Prince, Richard & Sadie Coles. American-English. London: Sadie Coles Gallery, 2003.
Unreal Estate Opportunities. Seoul: PMK Gallery, 2003.
Sand in der Vaseline. Koln: Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Konig, 2003.
Spector, Nancy, James Rondeau and Michael Rush. Imperfect Innocence. Palm Beach: Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art, 2003.
Collings, Matthew. Nurse Paintings. New York: Barbara Gladstone Gallery, 2003.
Publicities. Greece: Hydra Workshop, 2003.
Rian, Jeff and Rosetta Brooks. Richard Prince. New York: Phaidon Press, 2003.
Ahead of the 21st Century. Berlin: Hatje Cantz, 2003.
Halbreich, Kathy. The Last Picture Show. Minneapolis: Walker Art Center, 2003.
Good Life. New York: Glenn Horowitz Bookseller, 2003.
100 Artists See God. New York: Independent Curators International, 2003.
Storr, Robert and Kirk Varnedoe. On the Edge. New York: Museum of Modern Art, 2002.
Wakefied, Neville. It’s a Free Concert from Now On. New York: Barbara Gladstone Gallery, 2002.
Prince, Richard. Early Photographs: 1977-1979. New York: Skarstedt Fine Art, 2002. Lehmann, Urlich and Jessica Morgan. Chic Clicks. Boston: ICA; Berlin: Hatje Cantz, 2002.
Frohne, Ursula, Ingvild Goetz, Rainald Schumacher and Noemi Smolik. American Art from the Goetz Collection. Munich: Goetz Collection, 2002.
Blagg, Max and Glenn O’Brien. Bald Ego. New York: Bald Ego Publishing, 2001.
Prince, Richard, Bernard Mendes Burgi, Beatrix Ruf and Gijs Van Tuyl. Photographs – Paintings/Paintings – Photographs. Osfildern-Ruit: Hatje Cantz Verlag, 2001.
Smith, Joel. Summer Reading: The Recreation of Language in Twentieth-Century Art.
Poughkeepsie: Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center, Vassar College, 2001.
Prince, Richard and Glen O’Brien. Human Nature. New York: Greybull Press, 2001.
Luke, Megan. Art at the Edge of the Law. Ridgefield: The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, 2001.
Hypermental: Rampant Reality 1950-2000. Zurich: Kunsthaus Zurich, 2001.
Noever, Peter & Zum Thema. The Girl Next Door. Los Angeles: MAK Center for Art and Architecture; Berlin: Hatje Cantz, 2001.
Customized: Art Inspired by Hot Rods, Lowriders, & American Car Culture. New York: Harry N. Abrams; Boston: The Institute of Contempoary Art, 2000.
Clark, Larry. Richard Prince: 4X4. Kyoto: Korinsha Press, 1999.
Cleveland Collects Contemporary Art. Cleveland: The Cleveland Museum of Art, 1998.
Emotion: Young British and American art from the Goetz Collection. Hamburg: Deichtorhallen, 1998.
Prince, Richard and Larry Clark. 4x4. Kyoto: Kornisha Press, 1997.
The Whitney Biennial. New York: Whitney Museum of American Art, 1997.
Someone Else with my Fingerprints. New York: David Zwirner Gallery, 1997.
American Painting from Georgia O’Keefe to Christopher Wool. Zurich: Kunsthaus, 1997.
Birth of the Cool. Hamburg: Deichtorhallen, 1997.
Young Americans: New American Art in the Saatchi Collection. London: Saatchi Gallery, 1996.
The American Trip. Toronto: The Power Plant, 1996.
Prince, Richard. Adult Comedy Action Drama. Zurich: Scalo Verlag, 1995.
Close to Life. Neckar: Galerien der Stadt Esslingen, 1995.
In a Different Light. Berkeley: University Art Museum, 1995.
Pittura/Immedia. Graz: Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum, 1995.
Tuning Up. Wolfsburg: Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, 1994.
Richard Prince: Photographs 1977 – 1993. Hanover: Kestner-Gesellschaft, 1994.
Unholy Alliance. Rotterdam: Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, 1994.
Das Americas. São Paolo: Galeria Luisa Strina, 1994.
Girlfriends. Rotterdam: Museum Boymans Van Beuningen, 1993.
Photoplay: Works from the Chase Manhattan Collection. Miami: Center for the Fine Arts, 1993.
Phillips, Lisa. Richard Prince. New York: Whitney Museum of American Art/Harry N. Abrams, 1992.
Selected Works from the Early 80’s. Munich: Kunstraum Daxer, 1992.
Re: Framing Cartoons. Columbus: Wexner Center for the Arts, 1992.
Quotations: The Second History of Art. Ridgefield: The Aldrich Museum of Art, 1992.
Theoretically Yours. Aosta: Chiesa di San Lorenzo, 1992.
Special Collections: The Photographic Order from Pop to Now. New York: International Center of Photography, 1992.
American Art of the 80’s. Trento: Palazzo delle Albere, 1991.
Power: It’s Myths, Icons, and Structures in American Art, 1961-1991. Indianapolis: Indianapolis Museum of Art, 1991.
Jokes, Gangs, Hoods. Cologne: Jablonka Galerie/Galerie Giseal Capitain, 1990.
Life Size: A Sense of the Real in Recent Art. Jerusalem: The Israel Museum, 1990.
Images in Transition: Photographic Representation in the Eighties. Kyoto: National Museum of Modern Art, 1990.
Art et Publicité 1890-1990. Paris: Centre Pompidou, 1990.
Richard Prince – Spiritual America. Valencia: IVAM; New York: Aperture Books, 1989.
Image World Art and Media Culture. New York: The Whitney Museum of American Art, 1989.
A Forest of Signs: Art in the Crisis of Representation. Los Angeles: The Museum of Contemporary Art, 1989.
Richard Prince. New York: Barbara Gladstone Gallery, 1988.
Prince, Richard. Why I go to the Movies Alone. New York: Tanam Press, 1983.
Linker, Kate. Richard Prince – Pamphlet. Villeurbanne: Le Nouveau Musée, 1983.
Image Scavengers. Philadelphia: Institute of Contemporary Art, 1982.
War Pictures. Published by the artist, 1981.
Richard Prince – Early Photographs 1977 – 1979. New York: Skarstedt Fine Art, 1981.
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