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Kai Althoff goes with Bernard Leach
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From the very beginning of planning this show, the artist talked of Bernard
Leach and his deeply rooted love for the work of this man, extending to his
writing and thought, which is intangible anyhow.
After all, Kai Althoff says, would he not have become what he is now, he
would have pursued being a potter as well.
Instead, he has always been drawing and painting, making things including
music – yet never a ‘pot proper’.

— Francia Gimble-Masters

Published to accompany the exhibition at Whitechapel Gallery from October 7 2020 – January 10 2021, this wondrous catalogue brings together approximately 90 works spanning Kai Althoff’s career, from childhood drawings and photographs to textiles and new paintings, as well as illustrating Althoff's selection of 45 of British potter Bernard Leach’s (1887–1979) ceramic vessels and tiles from UK collections.

Featuring original contributions from writer and artist Dominic Eichler; curator Kathy Halbreich; artist and experimental musician Hanayo Nakajima; Olympic snowboarder Iouri Podlatchikov; author and journalist Kolja Reichert; and curator of the Leach pottery in St Ives, Matthew Tyas, as well as young visitors associated with the gallery’s education programme, the publication also includes brand new photography of the exhibition by Polly Eltes and a complete list of works and bibliographies for both artists.

Published August 2021